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Register for the Sustainable Living Program

Project: CCEP

The Sustainable Living Program is offered to individuals and communities at the grassroots to increase the number of well-informed conscious decision-makers, drive community action, and build their capacities to adopt sustainable living practices. The program deals with unsustainable patterns of consumption by individuals and communities which are the root causes of climate change, and biodiversity loss. 

Through the Sustainable Living Program, we plan to help more than 10 million individuals adopt sustainable living practices by the year 2030.


Choose your Act of Kindness

Project: For A Change

We are building the largest community of compassionate people who will be the driving force to achieve our mission to ensure decent childhood for underprivileged children and end childhood deprivation. Choose your act of kindness and engage in welfare/ philanthropic activities to improve the lives of underprivileged children.

Together we will help an underprivileged child to live in a safe world where they can have happiness, education, good food, good health, generous care, access to resources, and opportunities that enable them to reach their full potential.

Register for Volunteering with Small Wish International Foundation

25 Mar 2024

Position Title: Volunteer

Duty Station: Guwahati, Bangalore

Apply to join the core volunteer team of Small Wish International Foundation and work together make an impact .Candidates will be selected and applications will be evaluated on a FCFS basis. Selected candidates will receive an service offer letter from Small Wish International Foundation and will be on-boarded both remotely and in a hybrid form. Volunteers joining for work experience are expected to engage minimum 16 hrs. per week.

Roster for Internship 2024

25 Mar 2024

Duty Station: Guwahati, Bangalore

The Small Wish International Internship Programme is an opportunity for students and recent graduates to gain direct practical experience working at the grassroots of India. The selection process includes a pre-screening of applications and a Competency Interview. The Internship program ranges from a minimum of 45 days to 6 months and selected candidates are on-boarded in an Office-Field hybrid form. 

A student of a school/college/university when selected as an Intern will receive multiple benefits including a stipend, merchandise, allowances, and access to resources of the Foundation. Interns who render exceptional service will be awarded a letter of recommendation. The experience and training gained from this Internship is a valuable and well-regarded asset in any resume and can give the candidate a competitive advantage as they pursue a permanent position in the international development sector.