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For a Change

For a Change is an anti-poverty project started to ensure a decent childhood for children experiencing childhood deprivation and children at risk. Children living in poverty experience hunger, illness, insecurity, and instability, which often result in low academic achievement, behavioral problems, and social and emotional development difficulties.

We are helping a child to live in a safe world where they can have quality education, good schools, quality health care, nutritious food, generous care, access to resources, and opportunities that enable them to reach their full potential.

Core Activities

To carry out the core activities of the program, we first form social volunteer groups (SVG) with young motivated individuals. We have defined four activities for first-time volunteering SVGs and individuals. Apart from these first-time volunteering activities, more activities and random acts of kindness are included in the scope of the project.

Little Gifts

Underprivileged children are deprived of so many things that affording an enjoyable childhood with toys is a luxury for these children. We are trying to bring happiness into the lives of the children by ensuring a childhood filled with toys and play. We collect toys from previous owners and distribute them to underprivileged children living on the streets, in slums, in orphanages, and rural villages. We also gift toys that are in mint condition to underprivileged children on their birthdays. This simple birthday toy gifting idea gives children a special toy to remember.

In addition, we run awareness-building and youth engagement drives to sensitize privileged young children about making a difference in the lives of underprivileged children. Many students start to open up and begin to understand the needs of underprivileged children and volunteer to help make their lives better. Our toy collection drives at schools and colleges attract various toy donations from students. We mindfully separate groups of toys to give to visually impaired, children with cerebral palsy, Autism, Down syndrome, etc. to provide them with access to toys that would lay the foundation for later development.

Sunday Meals

The idea of having a gourmet meal is a scarce luxury for underprivileged children as they are limited by the economic circumstances they live in. We understand that for many families living below the poverty line, their notion of adequate food is to get freedom from hunger. Every fourth Sunday of the month, we gift gourmet meals to underprivileged children under the Sunday Meals initiative.

We often partner with good chefs, popular cafes, and restaurants to prepare our meals. The meals are delicious, nutritious, and selected from a unique menu we have crafted according to the taste palette of children.

In addition, we also put effort into scanning for cases of malnutrition and other diseases among the children. We promptly allocate the maximum available resources to alleviate child hunger and improve child health through food & financial relief programs. This initiative is a small and humble effort to support the greater movement to fight hunger and reduce malnutrition and child deaths arising out of hunger.

Super School

Children from underprivileged families living in hardships and missing out on their education. We are working to realize every child’s right to education by helping children from poverty-stricken families re-enroll in school and provide them with resources to support their right to thrive through education.

We sponsor learning tools such as books, school supplies such as stationery, bags, and other needed items like clothes, for the children who do not have minimal resources and support systems to study. We also have provision of scholarships for talented children from underprivileged sections of society to pursue their education. The scholarships aim to lessen the burden on the parents to pay for the education of the children and provide the families a sense of security and motivation to realize their child’s right to education.

Happiest Day

Children living in impoverished communities, in the hardships of poverty are deprived of happy and impactful occasions that affect their mental health. In the Happiest Days, we first record the happiness of the children on a scale of 1-5, with 5 meaning extremely happy. Wherever we find children deprived of happiness, we plan special one-day activities to instill more happiness in children experiencing childhood deprivation.

We celebrate the birthdays of children living in orphanages, we organize trips to parks, trips to zoos, movie screenings, sports events, cultural events, and play dates with fun activities like board games, drawing, and other creative, extracurricular activities to boost their happiness and improve their mental health. We measure the Happiest Days after the event to record the impact of the event.

Compassionate Communities Program

The Compassionate Communities Program aims to increase public participation to support the cause of ensuring decent childhood for children. We take a citizen-centric approach and drive social action to end child poverty. The program builds awareness, brings the stories about the hardships of underprivileged children living in poverty to a larger audience, and inspires real action among the youth which leads to an increase in SVGs, which in turn increases the public participation in philanthropic activities to help children experiencing childhood deprivation.

We assist the SVGs in planning philanthropic activities, goal setting, operation insights, and impact analysis. In addition, we ensure effective philanthropy by helping donors understand the complexities of impact assessment, and be certain about whether the strategy is effective in addressing a particular social problem. We organize an open interaction between the SVGs and the project beneficiaries so that the SVGs understand the quality of impact and also understand the challenges that are met through our projects.

In-Kind Giving

In-kind philanthropic giving comes in many forms, one can start by offering their time & services for the greater good or one can also start a small fundraiser to raise funds from people in their known circle to help ensure decent childhood for underprivileged children. In-kind contributions are donations of goods, services, or time—instead of cash. Tangible goods include things like food, clothing, gifts, books, and school supplies. Goods may also be intangible, such as services, usage rights, royalties, etc. One can make an even greater impact by making year-round sustained monthly in-kind contributions to support the causes they believe in or one can choose to pledge a donation amount and donate in a one-time annual contribution. All donor members will get the tax benefits of charitable giving.

Donors can mail a formal request to the foundation expressing the desire to volunteer as an observer in project activities and as per slots, he/she can travel with selected project field teams to have a fulfilling interaction with beneficiaries under our projects.

Eat for a Cause – Bake Sale

Eat for a Cause Bake Sale is a fundraising activity where the SVGs present food items to raise money for a cause. They select a venue, confirm availability, announce the upcoming event, stock up on ingredients, and start preparing items like handmade chocolates, baked items like cupcakes, muffins, cookies & sometimes ethnic savories. The idea behind the Eat for a Cause Bake Sale is to establish a meaningful connection with first-time supporters and donors. Every purchase supports a social cause, funds an act of kindness, and leads to meaningful participation of people. Eat for a Cause is sometimes a part of a bigger fundraising or a standalone fundraising event.

Citizen Outreach Boxes

We place Citizen Outreach Boxes at select establishments to raise small funds for supporting children’s welfare causes and other causes that need immediate support. The select establishments are often deemed as SVGs. They are annually ranked and awarded for their support to create visibility and promote social causes.