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The Avant-Garde Project

The avant-garde project is started to explore innovatory ways to advocate changes to benefit humankind, wildlife, and the planet.

Through different forms of art such as photography, filmmaking, animations, painting, and storytelling, the project aims to bring together imagination, vision, artistry, innovation, originality, and expressiveness to bring to life untold stories of the land, culture, people, wildlife, and Indigenous knowledge and inspire collective action for a socially equitable and ecologically sustainable future for all.

Programme Outline

The Core Programme includes the Finder Programme, Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Programme, and Mass Outreach Programme.

The Finder Programme

The Finder program helps us identify and collaborate with established and emerging creative people throughout the world. We find like-minded people from a massive pool of talented people, review previous creative work, and extend an invitation to collaborate.

Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Programme

Under the CPS Programme, the stakeholder is introduced to Global Challenges & Potential Solutions. Exposure Trips are provided to help the stakeholder develop creative cognition and better understand the challenges we face today. With an aspiration to become a catalyst of positive change, the stakeholder uses his/her talent to solve the challenges in a creative way.

Mass Outreach Programme

Once the creative work is complete, all the stakeholders preview the work and unanimously wrap up the assignment. After that, different campaigns are started under the Mass Outreach Programme to create mass awareness, increase public participation, advocate changes, and create a lasting impact.

Project 2021 – Majuli Island Indigenous Tourism

Nitin Sharma, a young and exceptionally talented photographer from Bangalore worked with us in the Finity Programme. He was deputed to Majuli Island, Assam where he worked with Founder Arif Lemani & team to improve the scope of indigenous and community-based tourism. Documentaries and social campaigns have been scheduled to start under the Mass Outreach Programme to boost sustainable community-based Indigenous Tourism at Majuli Island.

Nitin Sharma
View Portfolio & Website: Click Here