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The Idea Man (TIM) Program

Despite global efforts, many complex societal challenges persist, ranging from poverty and inequality to environmental degradation and healthcare disparities. These issues are deeply entrenched and multifaceted, often defying conventional solutions. Traditional problem-solving methods often fall short in addressing the root causes of these challenges, leading to a cycle of ineffectiveness and frustration. In today’s interconnected world, communities face an array of complex challenges that demand fresh perspectives and innovative approaches.

Recognizing the need for a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach, the TIM program seeks to bring together people with diverse talents and perspectives to tackle pressing global challenges. By providing a platform for collaboration and learning, the program empowers participants to leverage their diverse backgrounds in addressing societal issues. From exploring innovative methodologies such as design thinking and systems mapping to engaging in collaborative problem-solving exercises, the program equips individuals with the tools and mindset needed to navigate the complexities of today’s world with confidence and purpose. The TIM program aims to inspire new ideas, foster collaboration, empathy, and open-mindedness among young minds, and explore innovative solutions that address the root causes of societal challenges.

TIM Innovation Program

The TIM Innovation Program is designed to empower individuals with the skills and mindset to address societal challenges through creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Participants will engage in in-depth discussions and analyses of societal issues, allowing them to deepen their understanding of root causes and potential solutions. The program will expose participants to innovative solutions from around the world and empower them with the necessary tools and techniques to develop innovative solutions to pressing challenges. The program will encourage the exploration of diverse perspectives and unconventional ideas. Guidance and support will be provided throughout the process. We will ensure participants are equipped to monitor progress and measure outcomes effectively.

Training sessions and mentorship programs will be provided to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership skills among participants. The program is tailored to meet the diverse needs and interests of all participants, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.

TIM Centre for Innovation

The TIM Centre for Innovation focuses on the development and implementation of innovative solutions to pressing societal challenges. The center focuses on collaboration with nonprofits, government agencies, and community organizations, enabling participants to tackle issues such as poverty, inequality, and environmental sustainability through interdisciplinary teamwork and research. It serves as an offline space for participants to learn and apply design thinking and systems thinking principles to address social challenges through social impact projects.

The Centre facilitates the formation of teams for empathy-driven research and prototyping of innovative solutions. The center provides access to resources, and hands-on experience, to help participants develop practical skills and insights into effective problem-solving and social impact.

TIM Fellowship

The TIM program offers an invite-only fellowship to exceptional young talents from various disciplines and acts as a testing ground for new ideas that aim to create positive social change. Fellowship duration ranges from 6 to 18 months and fellows are provided funding to implement their ideas. The program welcomes individuals and teams from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, recognizing the value of varied perspectives in tackling complex challenges. By drawing people from different parts of the world, the program fosters cross-cultural collaboration and exchange of ideas. This global approach ensures that solutions are contextually relevant and sensitive to the unique needs of communities worldwide.

The program harnesses the power of creativity, collaboration, and community engagement to address pressing challenges. By leveraging diverse skills, individuals and teams can effectively address pressing challenges and contribute to positive social change. Each skill offers unique opportunities for expression and impact, empowering individuals to make a difference in their communities and beyond.

The fellowship program bridges the gap between creative expression and social action. It acknowledges the power of artistry, innovation, and storytelling in inspiring collective action and fostering positive change. By empowering people to leverage their talents for social good, the program seeks to catalyze impactful initiatives that address the root causes of societal issues. Individuals and Teams with various skills are encouraged to harness their imagination, vision, artistry, innovation, originality, and expressiveness to bring change through creative mediums such as photography, filmmaking, animations, painting, and storytelling. By amplifying these narratives, they inspire empathy, understanding, and action among audiences, driving positive change at both local and global levels.