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Donate to support our work to ensure decent childhood for children experiencing Childhood Deprivation

Rs 9500 raised of Rs 9,50,000 goal

With a mission to ensure decent childhood for every child and drive social action to end child poverty, we initiated the For a Change project. We are building compassionate communities to join the fight to end child poverty and ensure decent childhood for children experiencing childhood deprivation and children at risk.

We understand the barriers that children especially from disadvantaged backgrounds face, including limited resources, lack of educational facilities, and societal challenges. With unwavering determination, we strive to break these barriers and create a brighter future for these children. 

At Small Wish International, we believe that every child deserves a decent childhood. Help us give the children a chance to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Donate to support our work to foster pro-environmental behavior and achieve Environmental Sustainability

Rs 7500 raised of Rs 7,50,000 goal

With a long term vision to drive behavorial change and foster pro-environmental behavior among children and adults, we started the CCEP Project (Conscious Citizens for Earth’s Protection) to help people become well informed and conscious decision-makers and adopt sustainable living practices. Citizens take action at an individual level to protect the environment and support climate action. 

And every year we organize an EWS Sale that helps reduce waste by Reusing and Repurposing and aims increase the appeal of upcycled, creatively re-used, and repurposed products among consumers.

Small Wish International believes in the power of combined efforts of individuals to fight climate change. And to achieve achieve environmental sustainability, we rely on the support and generosity of compassionate individuals and organizations to scale our work to large group of people. Help us help this generation meet their needs without affecting the needs of the future generations.

Donate to support our work to empower Youth to become changemakers in their communities

Rs 6000 raised of Rs 6,00,000 goal

To empower youth to become changemakers, we started the Youth Action and Leadership Training (YALT) and the AEDI Fellowship.  Through the YALT Programme, we train students to become changemakers in their campus and communities. And through the AEDI Fellowship program, we support young creative people to implement an idea that responds to a problem they want to solve in their communities.

Our team of mentors and expert trainers work hand in hand to deliver a world class training where the students can thrive. By offering resources, training, and mentorship, we empower these young students to unlock their potential and break free from the cycle of poverty.

We are inspired by the countless success stories we witness as students flourish academically, develop life skills, and build confidence. Support us in this incredible journey to create a future generation of empowered individuals who will contribute positively to society.